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Program contents


  • Making piano/instruments by making and entering their own code and connecting with conductive object (Maki Maki)
  • Making digital equipment such as electronic display by entering source code into the micro:bit and learning hardware wise principle of digital equipment (Micro:bit)

3D pen

  • Understanding the principle of 3D print through producing own three-dimensional structure by using 3D pen
Program contents




Software education blended with physical computing to understand the usage and purpose of software and improve the thought concept of software wise by connecting with actual life

3D printing

Idea concept→Project→Design→Plan→Modeling→Processing→Sales

Digital Making

  • It means to make things by using various digital production equipment such or 3D printer and laser cutter.
  • It means the process to actualize computer generated digital data.

Analog Making

  • It is a process to actualize idea in mind by using hand tools. In the design school, students find solutions personally by using various kits.

Design Thinking

  • Its purpose is problem solving and it is a whole process starting from thinking of inconveniences to making and solving.
Making contents



Design thinking

Improving thinking power through design thinking education


Every education is planned to solve problem by using every technique of analog and
digital with original materials instead of simple assembling or controlling.

Digital making

Growing ability to actualize its design and doing various learning through trial and error in the making process.